2023 International Conference on Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Medicine-Call for Abstract


The "2023InternationalConferenceonOccupationalHygieneandOccupationalMedicine" promotes the discussion of the important role of occupational health through doctors, nurses and occupational safety and health workers, and invites the participation of professionals in the field of environmental occupational medicine/occupational health/occupational health care from industry, government, academia, and research to exchange through keynote speeches, forums and paper presentations. With the communication of experts from different backgrounds in clinical, field, academic, and research, we will establish a good platform for interaction and create opportunities for cooperation, furthermore, we will provide suggestions on national occupational safety and health policies, and work together to improve occupational health in the workplace and protect the physical and mental health of workers.



(1) Time: April 21 (Fri) to April 23 (Sun), 2023

(2) Venue: College of Public Health, National Taiwan University, 17, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 100, Taiwan



1.國內外職業衛生發展趨勢/ Development Trend of Occupational Health at Taiwan and Abroad

2.環境職業醫學與流行病學/ Environmental Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology

3.職業安全衛生管理及實務(含政策面、制度面及各產業類型)/ Occupational Safety and Health Management and Practice (Including Policy, System and Industry Types)

4.健康職場與企業永續發展/ Healthy Workplace and Enterprise Sustainable Development

5.微型化感測器與物聯網(Internet of Things, IoT)/ Miniaturized Sensors and the Internet of Things(IoT)

6.職業(物理、化學、生物及人因性)危害評估與預防/ Occupational (Physical, Chemical, Biological and Ergonomic) Hazard Assessment and Prevention

7.作業環境控制工程/ Engineering Control of Workplace Hazards

8.職業性肌肉骨骼傷害預防/ Occupational Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

9.職場心理健康與工作生活平衡/ Workplace Mental Health and Work-life Balance

10.工作者健康管理與健康促進/ Worker Health Management and Health Promotion

11.職業健康服務(含過負荷、職場暴力預防及女性特殊保護)/ Occupational Health Services (Including Overwork, Workplace Violence Prevention and Special Protection for Women)

12.職業災害預防與重建/ Occupational Accident Prevention and Rehabilitation

13.職業與全球公共衛生議題/ Issues in Occupational and Global Public Health (English Session)

14.其他相關環境職業安全衛生/職業醫學/職業護理議題/ Other Related Environmental Occupational Safety and Health/Occupational Medicine/Occupational Nursing Topics


Call for Abstract

(1) The call for papers will be submitted online (https://oheomc2023.toha.org.tw)

(2) Please refer to the submission specification of the abstracts on the seminar website.

(3) Deadline for submission: Extended to Tuesday, February 14, 2023

(4) Announcement : March 2023  


Abstract Guidelines

(1) Layout setting: A4 page, 500 words maximum.

(2) Font size: Chinese in italic font, English and numbers in Times New Roman.

(3) Font size: 16pt for the title of the paper, 12pt for the author's name and office, and 12pt for the abstract (example is attached).

(4) Abstract content: include title, purpose, methods, results, conclusion and key words (3-5), author's name, personal affiliation, e-mail address, etc. In addition, the word limit for each field is 150 words.

(5) File name: Name_Title of the paper.

(6) Presentation format: Oral or poster, to be decided by the conference.

(7) Deadline for submission: January 31, 2023 (Tuesday)




E-mail:[email protected]

Download the submission example(download_2023_Abstracts_Template)